Lttr was created by Marcos Martín, Robotic Programmer based in Germany with huge experience in trading, Cryptos and Blockchain, in the early beggining he just work for third parties companies that use to pay him in Crypto currency, starting his passion for this new unexplored world. One good day, Cardano project came to his attention and invest some money in ADAS so he decided to give this piece of advise to Alberto Hernández, Shipping Agent based in Africa to also invest some money. When they went deep inside Cardano’s project they realise and strongly believe that it could be the future and toguether decided to run an stake pool to hold their investments and help Cardano blockchain development.

Besides the profit of Staking or running a pool, many pages promise to donate part of the gains to charity or NGOs, but LTTR wants to go further and show all the delegators by our Video Blog that the money goes directly to an African Family that really need help, we will show you how they live and how our help may change their life. This will be the first project financed with our own money, hoping that in the next future many others will join us.